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9 Special 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

9 Special 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

You've been looking for 40th birthday gift ideas to buy for him and you're nothing short of stumped. You don't know what to give the man that already has all he could ever need and more.

It seems almost impossible to shop for and successfully find a personalised gift that truly commemorates this special milestone age.

Sure, men can be incredibly difficult to buy for but we have the perfect solution for you! Gifting Owl is an online global experience gifting site that boasts thousands of unique presents all over the world.

We offer a dynamic range of activities such as skydiving, surfing lessons, one of a kind culinary experiences and tours of the world's most historic landmarks to list a few.

No matter where his interests may lie, you can buy something suitable for every type of person only a few clicks away on Gifting Owl. Save yourself all the stress usually involved with a gift search by choosing one of our extremely flexible personalised gift vouchers.

It's not surprising that the big 40th birthday is such an impressive milestone. It's an age where you start thinking about your legacy and what you want to leave behind for friends and family.

However, it doesn't have to be all serious! Buy them a thoughtful experience they are bound to relish. Whether it's one of their favourite pursuits or their first time doing it, the gift ideas are endless.

Set your sights on a personalised gift that truly commemorates this big occasion. Fear not - for we are here to help.

Below have carefully curated a diverse list of our best 40th birthday gifts for men that'll make his birthday just that much more special!

1. Skydiving

Skydiving is the ultimate thrill for adrenaline junkies. There’s nothing more impressive than taking the plunge and free falling at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour.

Sign him up and keep him bragging to his friends and anyone he may be related to for years to come. However, it's not all about the unparalleled adrenaline rush, skydiving also brings with it jaw-dropping views unlike any other.

With stunning locations available in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the USA, you can't help but fall in love with these presents.

Mark his 40th occasion forever by scratching this special new experience off his bucket list this year. And if you too subscribe to adrenaline thrills, why not join him and buy yourself a spot on the plane?  

2. Diving & Snorkelling

Diving and snorkelling can be a remarkable 40th birthday gift idea. Diving experiences provide an immersive trip to the exciting world that lays beneath the ocean’s surface brimming with exotic species of fish, colourful sea plants, and other fascinating aquatic life to explore and ogle at.

Snorkelling provides a chance to get up close and personal with amazing marine life like sea turtles as well as enchanting shipwrecks on the seafloor.

If your 40-year-old friend loves the water, then buy him the perfect 40th birthday present of a diving or snorkelling experience.

3. Brewery Tours

For the blokes who would much prefer a little less adventure to celebrate their big day, a brewery tour may just be the perfect gift. If your 40-year-old recipient loves to drink beer, or is even a renowned zythophile (beer lover), these tours make for an interesting look inside at the unique techniques and processes of breweries all over the world. And of course what brewery tour would be complete without including some delicious samples.

Alternatively, a beer tour of an unfamiliar city offers insights to how other cultures enjoy and craft their much loved brews!

With first-rate personalised beer tours to be had in Germany, ​​Mexico, Hungary, Australia and more, there’s always another round to buy for his 40th birthday occasion somewhere in the world! 

4. Vineyard Tours

Alternatively, if you're trying to shop for a renowned wine connoisseur, ditch the beers and introduce him into the scenic world of a breathtaking vineyard. As far as 40th birthday gifts go, a near foolproof plan would be to buy a personalised vineyard tour.

These scenic tours not only provide extensive insight to all the processes involved with making fine wines but make for an incredibly relaxing day out with family and friends.

Most importantly, he will get to indulge in some world class local wines after learning everything there is to know about them.

An even easier choice could be a wine tasting night that offers participants the chance to intimately drink wonderful varieties of wines from all over the world at a much more affordable price. 

5. Climbing

Give your 40-year-old friend the gift of the great outdoors and terrifying heights! Climbing is an exciting combination of exercise and thrill. Have your special recipient scale awe-inspiring cliff faces using nothing but his hands and feet.

There is no better feeling than reaching your 40th milestone while conquering inconceivable new heights. 

6. Helicopter Tours

Helicopter tours are a 40th birthday gift that will leave your friend or loved one speechless.

Buy him an incredible aerial tour of spectacular local landmarks and scenery from high above, it's the perfect way to show him to an unexplored place.

Whether it's the fascinating landscapes of the Grand Canyon or the otherworldly peaks of the Glasshouse Mountains, Gifting Owl is home to an impressive selection of helicopter tours bound to keep him forever in awe of the world. As a definite crowd pleaser, there is no 40th birthday present quite like a jaw-dropping helicopter tour.

7. Surfing Lessons

Surfing is a gift that will get your 40-year-old friend or loved one's heart racing. Who doesn’t love a fun day out on the water with the sun shining bright.

Buy him an opportunity to explore the sport at his own pace, whether he wants to take it slow and learn about surfing basics before tackling waves themselves, or if they’re ready for some more intense action right from the start.

A surfing lesson also provides experienced surfers an opportunity to hone their skills in new environments. It's a high energy sport that can be difficult to master, but the feeling of finally riding waves in style in beautiful locations like Bryon Bay and coasts of New Zealand make it worth all the hard work!

Set the bar high with other personal 40th birthday gifts for men such as paddle boarding in sunny Malibu or even river boarding in Jamaica! 

8. Hiking

Hikes are fantastic excuses to get him out of the hustle and bustle of regular life and join him in exploring entirely new landscapes and places.

If he’s a wildlife enthusiast or nature lover, you’re in luck. Gifting Owl has a plethora of awe-inspiring hiking experiences that showcase some of the best of what mother earth has to offer.

These adventurous gift ideas also act as a sort of fun 40th birthday celebration that will call the family and friends together to take on the outdoors. What's not to love about that?

9. Historical Tours

If he happens to fall into the category of ‘History Buff’, save yourself the time and look no further than our 'Attractions & Landmarks' category page.

Whether he’s into discovering the ancient ruins in Greece or exploring Italy's well-known landmarks, these personalised tours come at an affordable price and offer an incredible look at some of the very special cultures that have shaped our world today. 

Happy Gifting!

Personalised once-in-a-lifetime experiences are a great way to mark the big occasion of a 40th birthday. From helicopter tours and wine tasting, to surfing lessons and hot air ballooning, there's something for everyone on this unique list of special 40th birthday gifts!

If you're set on trying to find birthday gift ideas that will make your recipient feel like a kid again while also keeping their sense of adventure alive, then look no further than Gifting Owl.

Save yourself the dreaded gift search and shop in style as you browse the best category that will sort all the appropriate presents for your lucky recipient from the very comfort of your own home. There is simply no need to show up to the shop to tediously search for and buy a gift you're not even sure of in the first place.

No matter what type of person you maybe be shopping for, there will be a perfect gift available to buy only a few clicks away.

Best of all - zero delivery waiting time on your order, zero loading time and a customer doesn't even need to leave their home to shop for Gifting Owl experiences.

If you're still just as lost for ideas, add a personalised Gifting Owl voucher to your basket and let him sort out the rest of the gifting business.

The team at Gifting Owl hopes you find these 40th birthday gifts for men as exciting as we do! Happy gifting!

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