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The Best Australian Gift Ideas A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Australian Gift Ideas A Comprehensive Guide

Australians love to give gifts. Whether it's Christmas, birthdays, or any other occasion, Aussies love to show off their creativity and generosity by giving the best, most unique gifts to their loved ones. Over the years, we've seen a lot of trends come and go in Australia but one trend that has remained constant is gifting experiences rather than material things.

Experiences are a fun, exciting and memorable way to make a gift feel personal and special. They can take your recipient to new places, introduce them to new people and broaden their horizons in ways they never could have imagined. It's no wonder why experiences are so popular in Australia.

To help you find the perfect experience gift for your friend or loved one living Down Under, we compiled a list of our favourite Australian gift ideas. 

Australian wine tour 

Australia is home to some of the best wineries in the world. Whether your friend or loved one is a wine connoisseur or they consider themselves an amateur, you can't go wrong with a top quality Australian wine tour

An Australian wine tour will fully immerse your giftee in all things wine. They will spend the day touring rustic cellars, wandering through grape ridden vineyards and taking part in exclusive wine tastings. When it's all said and done, your recipient will leave the tour with a newfound appreciation for Australian wines. Australian wine tours are typically run by small groups of about 14 people or less to ensure that each person gets personalized attention from their guide. The experience is all inclusive which means you'll save your friend or loved one time and money when they book a tour. 

For the best, most picturesque winery tours we recommend Nappa Valley and Clare Valley. The sweeping hills, rippling green pastures and picture-perfect views are truly magical and will make your giftee feel like they're in a heavenly oasis.

If your giftee is looking to learn more about Australian wines, we recommend a tour that includes several wineries and vineyards. This will give your friend or loved one the chance to see how different areas can have vastly different climates and produce unique grapes with their own characteristics! 

Aussie wildlife tour

Australia is home to some of the most unique wildlife in the world and what better way for you or your friend/loved one to experience our incredible faunal diversity than by going on a wildlife tour? From kangaroos and koalas to wombats and wallabies, a wildlife tour will open your eyes to the most adorable (and sometimes dangerous) animals in Australia!

Wildlife tours are great for everyone from first time explorers to seasoned wildlife enthusiasts. For an introduction into some of Australia's most beloved animals on land, sea and even in the skies (yes there are birds!) we suggest going with a wildlife experience that includes several different species such as a wildlife tour of Litchfield Park, Melbourne Zoo or Australia Zoo.

For a more in depth look at a specific type of Australian animal wildlife sanctuaries provide guests with an opportunity to see some of Australia's most endangered animals up close and personal! If your friend or loved one has always wanted to be up close and personal with an adorable koala bear, we recommend the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary Experience which is hands down some of our favourite Australian gift ideas. This sanctuary allows you to cuddle with sleepy koala bears which are known to sleep up to 20 hours a day!

Aussie wildlife tours offer an incredible opportunity to get up close with some of Australia's most unique creatures in their natural habitats and uncover the beauty of Australian wildlife. 

No matter which kind of tour your giftee is interested in, you can guarantee they will be thrilled to spend the day interacting with these wonderful animals. 

Aussie BBQ experience 

Nothing says Australia more than a true-blue Aussie barbeque (BBQ). An Australian BBQ experience is one of the most iconic Aussie experiences and a gift your recipient will love! 

Aussie BBQ experiences are about so much more than food. They bring people together, cultivate a sense of community and bring to life the Australian spirit.

BBQ experiences can range from hands on cooking classes to classy dinner degustation’s. An authentic Australian cooking class will see you or your friend/loved learning the best tips and tricks for cooking up a storm. They will learn how to cook different types of meat and master the art of the grill! Not only do cooking classes make for a delicious meal, but they also give you giftee valuable cooking skills they can use impress their friends with later.

If cooking isn't their forte, you can always leave it to the professionals. An Aussie BBQ dinner will see some of the best Australian chefs cooking up a feast for your friend/loved one. They will be able to try a variety of meats and sides, all paired with delicious Australian wine that will make their tastebuds explode! From hearty rump steaks to mouth-watering lamb chops, creamy golden potatoes to freshly baked pavlova, these divine dinners will truly give your friend/loved one a taste of what Australia is all about. 


From the beach to the outback, Australia is home to some of the world's most unique and amazing landscapes. There is no better way to see and experience Australia's beautiful country than from the sky. 

Flying lessons in Australia are a great gift for all the adventure seekers out there! Whether your friend or loved one has always dreamed of soaring through the skies like an eagle, or they're looking to hone their piloting skills, we can guarantee that this experience will be something they never forget. 

A beginner flying course is perfect for those who dream of taking control of an aeroplane and soaring through the open skies. This course will teach them the basics of flying, including pre-flight preparation, take offs and landings, air traffic control communication skills as well as more advanced manoeuvres like turns, banks and climbs! 

If your giftee is more interested in seeing the sights and exploring Australia from above, a scenic helicopter flight is perfect for them! This experience will let them enjoy the sites of Australia's spectacular landscapes while a professional pilot guides them through the peaceful skies. They will glide through the air over the ocean, over beaches and through lush rainforests. 

A flying experience is one of the most unique Australian gifts and an experience that will be treasured forever. 

Aussie driving experience

Aussie experiences are perfect for those who love adventure and speed! A driving experience will get your friend/loved one behind the wheel of some of the fastest, toughest and most powerful cars in Australia!

There are many popular Australian driving experiences to choose from. If its adrenaline pumping thrills you're after, a ride in an exotic sports car is the way to go! An experience like this will get your giftee behind the wheel of some of the most powerful and impressive sports cars around. They'll be able to explore their inner speed demon while feeling like they're starring in their own action film. 

For those looking to up their driving skills, hot laps with a professional race car driver will do just that. This experience will build their confidence on the road and have them feeling like Lewis Hamilton in no time! 

Alternatively, if your friend/loved one loves Australia's wide open spaces and coastal roads, an off-road buggy ride may be right up their alley! A ride like this will give them a chance to speed through a mix of Australian terrain and explore Australia's most impressive landscapes.

Gift basket 

If your giftee is living abroad, a gift basket is a wonderful way to show them how much you care. An Australian themed gift basked is the perfect gift for those who have just moved to Australia or for the Australian expats out there looking to reminisce on home. 

Fill your gift basket with a collection of Australian goodies and give them a taste of the Aussie lifestyle. Include iconic Aussie food like Tim Tams, Mint Slice biscuits, tea, honey and vegemite as well as some Australian souvenirs like mugs, towels or even a plush koala.

If your giftee has been living abroad and is missing home, what better way to send them your love and support than with a personalised gift basket from your home country? Package together a collection of snacks, treats and gifts from your hometown and give them an "overseas" experience without the hassle of international shipping. You could also include photos, mementoes or even a souvenir that will let them relive their experiences with you. Be sure to add a handwritten note to make your gift basket extra special.

A gift basket is the perfect way to let someone know that they're in your thoughts even if you live overseas. Your loved ones will feel extra special receiving something that was so thoughtfully chosen just for them. 

Water adventure 

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful oceans, lakes and beaches in the world. If you’re looking for an adventure that will truly give your giftee a once-in-a-lifetime experience, then look no further than an Australian water adventure

There's nothing quite like seeing these incredible sights from sea level. A sunset cruise around Sydney Harbour is the perfect way to see some of Australia's most beautiful, famous landmarks while enjoying a drink or two with friends. 

A private kayak tour is another great way to get out on the water and seeing Australia from a different perspective. This experience will take them through some of Australia's most beautiful rivers and bays and give them the chance to see amazing wildlife such as dolphins, stingrays and even sharks! 

If your giftee doesn't mind getting their hair wet, send them diving below the waterline on a scuba diving or snorkelling tour. These experiences will see them explore the incredible marine life under the water, including some of Australia's most beautiful sea creatures like turtles and colourful reef fish! 

Gift vouchers 

If you're looking for a present that will give your friend/loved one complete freedom of choice, then look no further than a gift voucher! Your giftee can choose exactly what they want from thousands of amazing Australian gifts and find the perfect present for them.

Gifting Owl is your one stop shop for Australian gift vouchers. They offer a fantastic range of experiences in locations all across Australia. From deep sea diving in the Great Barrier Reef to a hot air balloon ride over the majestic outback, Gifting Owl has a voucher for every experience and activity imaginable. With instant, online delivery and a three-year validity, Gifting Owl makes shopping for a gift easy and hassle-free. 

You can't go wrong with a Gifting Owl gift voucher- your friend or family member will love receiving a Gifting Owl voucher and you'll love their delight when they get to choose exactly what they want!

An Australian gift experience is the perfect gift for your friend or family member living in Australia. They are a great way to show them how much you care without the worry of shipping gifts internationally. Whether they're looking for adrenaline-pumping thrills, coastal drives, or open spaces there is an experience gift perfect for every giftee. 

We hope this list of Australian gifts has inspired you on your quest to finding the perfect present. 

Good luck and happy gifting. 

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