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7 British Expat Experience Gift Ideas

7 British Expat Experience Gift Ideas

With the gift-giving season fast approaching, many people are looking for gift ideas. There's no doubt that gift giving is more of a challenge when someone lives abroad! If you have a British expat in your life, you may be wondering what gift to buy them this year. The good news is that there are plenty of gift ideas that will make any British expat feel loved and appreciated. In this blog post we will discuss 7 experience gifts perfect for anyone living abroad.

Why give an experience gift to a British expat?

British expats value experiences, activities and travelling over physical gifts and possessions. There has been a trend in the past few years of people giving gift cards or experience gifts to their loved ones because they know they enjoy being given an opportunity to explore a new city or country.  

Gifting Owl is perfect for British expats as we offer globally sourced experiences with no shipping costs and delays, 3 year validity and all gift vouchers are delivered straight to their inbox! No need to stress about fitting your gift in their suitcase, or making sure it'll be delivered on time for the special occasion. A Gifting Owl digital experience gift voucher is the perfect gift for a British expat.

Gifting Owl has plenty of options available for the British expat in your life - from iconic experiences like hiking the Great Wall of China, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and guided northern lights experiences.

Here are our top 7 experience gift ideas for British expats

1. Adrenaline activities

If they've taken the leap to move abroad away from family and friends they love to take risks. A heart-racing experience like skydiving or bungee-jumping is the perfect activity for British expats needing a dose of adrenaline.

Skydiving is one of the most popular gift ideas for an adrenaline-seeking British expat. Skydiving is an activity that causes your heart to race with exhilaration and excitement. The experience itself lasts from 10-20 minutes and there are many places around the world that offer these gift experiences so it won't be difficult to find one near you. 

Skydiving is a gift that will have them in awe of the gift giver. They'll be grateful for this thoughtful gift that they'll remember forever!

2. Adventure tours and sightseeing

For the British expat who wants to be outside all day and have a new experience every day, an adventure tour is the perfect gift idea. From sailing in Croatia and running with the bulls in Pamplona, gift them a gift of adventure this holiday season.

If they've just moved to a new town or city, a sightseeing tour is also a great gift voucher option! With open-air rooftop bus tours and walking food and drink tours available on Gifting Owl, they'll get to know the city's secret spots in no time!

3. Cultural experiences

British expats who love to learn about other cultures will appreciate a local activity gift such as visiting local temples, learning community traditions and meeting the locals. These immersive experiences often make the best travel memories, and for those new to the area, it'll help them settle into their new home.

4. Personalised experiences

Gifting an experience gift can be personalised too! You can gift the British expat a one-on-one cooking class with a local. Choose from different options that include market tours, hands-on cooking classes or simply dining in a locals home. This personal experience is a great way to help them settle into their new home and learn more about the culture.

5. Short stays & getaways

They're an expat for a reason - they love to move around. Give them a gift you know they'll love, the gift of adventure. Gifting Owl has plenty of short stays and getaways perfect to give to the adventure traveller in your life. Choose from a 1 or 2 night stay in a location of your choice. The perfect way to fuel their inner explorer, your gift will be perfect!

6. Wildlife encounters

If you want a gift that will make them feel like they're in the wild, gift them an animal encounter gift voucher. You can choose from gift vouchers for a safari in Kenya to horseback riding on the beach or gift them an animal encounter gift voucher that allows them to get up close to the local wildlife.

Make sure someone is there to document when they cuddle the koala or swim with the whale sharks - these are memories they'll want in picture form!

7. Diving & snorkelling

Maybe the British expat is someone who's always wanted to scuba dive or snorkel in tropical waters. If they've never tried either before, give them a gift voucher that'll get their feet wet!

Gifting Owl has gift vouchers for diving and snorkelling adventures, gift vouchers that will help them explore the underwater world. From the crystal clear waters of Fiji to the worlds largest coral reef, the options are endless.

Give the gift of adventure with a travel gift card

As gift-giving season approaches, many people are looking for gift ideas. One gift that is perfect for British expats is gift cards to travel. These value based gift cards will not only help them explore a new culture, but they can also experience their own culture in a new way when they next travel back to the UK. Gift cards are perfect for British expats because of how much they enjoy being given an opportunity to get to know a new country through the gift of an experience gift. The travel gift card will be delivered straight to their inbox and it will allow them the flexibility of booking dates and choosing from global experiences.

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