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Thank you gifts that give more than material things

Thank you gifts that give more than material things

Thank you gifts are a lovely way to thank someone for something they have done. There are many different thank you gift ideas that can be given, but it's important to find one that is thoughtful and meaningful. If you're looking for thank you gift ideas, then an experience gift voucher from Gifting Owl is perfect! Giving a friend or colleague an experience gift voucher is a great thank you because it's thoughtful and meaningful, but also something they can enjoy.

Gifting Owl offers thank you gifts with vouchers for experiences like cooking classes in Sydney or coffee tasting tours in Melbourne - both of which make for wonderful memories! In this article, we list our favourite gift ideas that help you show your appreciation and gratitude.

No matter what special experience you choose, make sure you request photos in return. All Gifting Owl gift vouchers are fully exchangeable for other experiences on the platform, this means you can choose an outrageous heart-pumping experience without the fear they won't use it.

1. A bucket-list adventure

A thank you gift for all occasions should be thoughtful and meaningful. One way to do this is by giving someone a thank you experience, such as an adventure that they can have on their own time. Adventure experiences are great thank you gifts because they make for wonderful memories!

Gifting Owl offers thank you gifts with vouchers for bucket-list adventures like scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef or hiking the Great Wall of China - both of which make for awesome memories! If you can think of a bucket-list adventure they've always dreamed of, it will make the most thoughtful and personal thank you gift.

The list is endless when it comes to bucket list travel experiences on Gifting Owl. A favourite on everyone's list is seeing the northern lights! The northern lights are one of the most amazing natural events to see. They're also a great thank you gift idea!

Gifting Owl offers thank you gifts with vouchers for seeing the northern lights. If you've always wanted to travel north to see them, then this thank you gift will excite your loved ones as much as it does them!

2. A short getaway or staycation

Hotel Gift Cards are a popular thank you gift. Whether it's the holidays, or just to say thank you for something your friend has done for you, giving hotel gift cards is a great thank you. It's thoughtful, like other thank you gifts, but it also gives the recipient the opportunity to choose where they want to go.

One of the best things about giving someone a hotel gift card is that they can use it anytime they're feeling stressed and want to relax and refresh their mind. There are so many luxurious hotels in cities around the world where your friend will be able to go on a luxurious vacation without dealing with all of the planning!

A hotel gift card from Gifting Owl is an excellent thank you for a friend, loved one or colleague. Purchase a one or two night package and leave the rest to the lucky gift receiver.

3. A relaxing spa day or pamper package

Spa days are a popular thank you gift, with the busy pace of life today it can be hard to take time out for ourselves. Giving a spa gift card is a wonderful thank you because it's thoughtful and something they can enjoy whenever they need to relax. You may find that there are times when your friend or loved one needs to take a break from their busy lifestyle, so it's nice to give them the choice of where they want to go.

Gifting Owl offers thank you gifts with vouchers for spa packages like massages in Sydney or pamper treatments in Bali - no matter where they are in the world, a spa gift card will make a wonderful thank you gift! Gift cards also make an excellent present if no other unique thank you gifts come to mind.

4. A day out with the family

Whale watching

You can thank the whales for your family-friendly experience gift idea.

Going whale watching with Gifting Owl is a wonderful thank you gift that will make memories to last a lifetime. Whale watching is an amazing adventure, and one of the best experiences of all time! It's not only fun but educational too - kids love seeing these magnificent creatures up close and personal.

Gift vouchers from Gifting Owl are valid for 3 years so they're perfect for Christmas thank you gifts or any other occasion when you need to say thank you. With options all around the world, it's easy to find something that will be just right as a thank you present!

Wildlife encounters

Another popular family-friendly experience is an up-close and personal wildlife encounter! Whether you choose to gift them a session cuddling adorable koalas or swimming with sweet dolphins, this adventurous family day out will be one for the books.

Learn to surf or sup

Other family-friendly experience gifts include trying something new together like surfing or a stand up paddleboarding lesson. These lessons are an excellent thank you present because they're something that the recipient can enjoy with their family or friends, and it's also a good way to get outside! 

Whether your loved one has been wanting to learn how to surf or SUP for years or just wants to try something new this year, surfing is the perfect thank you gift.

5. A romantic experience with their partner

Hot air ballooning

If you want to thank your partner for all they do, or give a gift that someone can enjoy with their significant other, a hot air balloon ride is the perfect thank you gift. Hot air balloon rides are not only romantic but an experience that will make memories last a lifetime. Ballooning is an exhilarating way to see the world from high in the sky and it's also just as safe as any other form of transportation.

Hot air balloons are one of those things most people never get around to doing, but with this thank you gift they'll be able to fulfil their lifelong dream!

If you're looking for something really special then look no further than giving them a voucher for a hot air balloon ride with Gifting Owl - it doesn't get more romantic than that!

Vineyard and winery tours

Another romantic experience gift idea is a vineyard tour for two. The rows of grapevines, the smell of freshly tilled earth, and the crunching sound of leaves underfoot all create an atmosphere that is incomparable to any other. Vineyards are more than just fruit farms - they're living ecosystems with plants and animals that have adapted to coexist in harmony over time.

A winery tour is one way to thank someone for their hard work or thank them for being there for you when you needed them most. It's also a great way to learn about winemaking from seasoned professionals who know what they're doing! Your gift recipient will thank you for giving them the opportunity for this fun day out.

6. A heart-racing experience


Skydiving is the ultimate thank you gift for thrill-seekers, but it's also a great way to thank someone who has done something extraordinary.

Choosing a skydiving voucher means that your thank you gift will be an experience they'll never forget! Skydivers can choose from any of our locations around the world and we have packages available for every budget.

Gifting Owl vouchers are valid for 3 years so they're perfect for work anniversaries, employee bonuses or any other occasion when you need to say thank you. With options all around the world, it's easy to find something the perfect adrenaline-fueled adventure!

Let them choose their perfect experience

A thank you gift from Gifting Owl makes the perfect present if you're stuck on what to buy somebody who has everything. Forget about buying a candle, mug, flowers or a bottle of wine, they'll appreciate that this gift was thoughtfully selected. 

A value-based gift card will give them the choice of any experience/s on the platform. Valid worldwide for 3 years, they're sure to find the perfect experience and time that suits them. Simply choose a price that works within your budget and write a special message of thanks to the lucky gift receiver.

The gift receiver is able to use their gift voucher on one or multiple experiences on the platform up to the value they received. They can also wish to book a more expensive experience and pay the difference by card at time of booking.

All Gifting Owl gift vouchers have instant delivery via email or you can send through your Whatsapp or Facebook account. If you'd rather hand the gift to them in person, you can also choose to print and attach the voucher to a handmade card created to show just how much you appreciate them.

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