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To dine in style and sample some of the world's finest culinary delights prepared by award-winning chefs, Rayna can arrange a visit to one of your preferred restaurants in the Palm Atlantis hotel. The elegant Atlantis hotel, spread over an area of about 46 hectares of land on the Palm which is the beautiful man-made island situated in the heart of Dubai, is not only favoured for its architectural grandeur and superb accommodation choices but also for its finest assortment of dining choices that suit every mood and appetite. One of the best choices to gratify your craving for seafood is to dine at the Atlantis Hotel's Ossiano that serves seafood specialities with flavours from the Indian, Mediterranean and Pacific regions. If Japanese specialities are your favourite, then head to the hotel's Japanese restaurant that is Nobu to savour Chef Nobu's signature dishes such as Squid Pasta, Black Cod in Miso and Sashimi Salad, among many others. Alternatively, Saffron within the hotel is a favourite among the lovers of Asian delicacies, including Chinese dim sum, Malaysian roti, Indian naan and Mongolian specialities. Likewise, Kaleidoscope with live cooking stations will never let you down, if your favourite is Arabic cuisines. A variety of other dining choices are also available within the hotel, such as Levantine with authentic Lebanese dishes, Rostang whose specialities cover classic French dishes and Seafire steakhouse and bar whatever your palate desires, Atlantis has everything to satisfy your taste buds. Each of the Atlantis' restaurants, in addition to offering sumptuous culinary choices, provides the highest standards of services in a pleasant, sophisticated atmosphere.


There are 4 options for a traveller to choose from, which are as follows: In International Buffet to Kaleidoscope dinner, experience an ideal lunch or dinner prepared with fresh delicacies at the Kaleidoscope restaurant in Atlantis, The Palm. Pick up time is to be advised. In Japanese Cuisine to Nobu where you dinner set menu A that of 5 courses, experience an ideal dinner which serves a cutting edge Japanese cuisine at the Nobu restaurant in Atlantis, The Palm. Pick up time is to be advised. In British European to Bread Street kitchen and bar with lunch or dinner set menu A, experience an ideal lunch or dinner at Bread Street restaurant in Atlantis The Palm which is popular for the London eatery. Pick up time is to be advised. In Italian Cuisine to Ronda Locatelli with lunch, dinner sharing menu A, experience an Italian lunch or dinner with a sophisticated trattoria style cooking at the Ronda Locatelli in Atlantis The Palm. Pick up time is to be advised. In South Asian Buffet to Saffron with dinner, experience an ideal dinner with live cooking station cuisines focusing on Asian specialities. Pick up time is to be advised.


Buffet Dinner or Lunch at one of the restaurants in the hotel

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