Corporate Gifting

Incentivising and rewarding your staff for their hard work is a great way to show your appreciation and motivate them to keep pushing that little bit extra. Because after all, your people are your best asset.

But there’s only so many hampers and bottles of wine one can give out before the reward feels impersonal. We’re not about that.. we’re all about experiential gifts that you’ll remember forever!

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Corporate Gift Ideas

We want everyone to give gifts fearlessly... Including you!

Because Gifting Owl gifts are so flexible, you know that your staff will be able to enjoy an experience the actually want to do, when and where in the world they want to do it. We are the only worldwide experience gifting platform, with experiences in over 90 countries!

From diving with great white sharks to one-on-one photography lessons or a cooking class with a local, we really do have something for everyone.


Incentives and Rewards

Hitting targets? Showing initiative? Reward your best talent with an experience they’ll remember forever. Gifting Owl is here to make sure you give your staff a gift they will cherish for life.


Why give a gift through Gifting Owl? That’s easy… Gifting Owl is the only worldwide experience gifting platform and it gives flexibility to the customer. If you give Mary a gift and she doesn’t get around to using it this year, it will remain as a balance in her account for three years. If you give Mary another gift next year, she can pool her money and book an even better experience, or she could even bring a mate! Give Mary that skydive you know she’ll never do, because she can easily book in on a wine tasting experience instead.


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