Corporate Gifting

Incentivising and rewarding your staff for their hard work is a great way to show your appreciation and motivate them to keep pushing that little bit extra. Because after all, your people are your best asset.

But there’s only so many hampers and bottles of wine one can give out before the reward feels impersonal. We’re not about that.. we’re all about experiential gifts that you’ll remember forever!

Thoughtful gifts in minutes

Send digital gift vouchers to your team in minutes and encourage them to book an experience or trip they've always dreamed of.
Borderless experiences

All Gifting Owl gift vouchers are valid worldwide. Give your staff an experience gift they can book locally, or on their next trip abroad.
Flexible staff gift vouchers

They choose when, where and what to book! Your team can enjoy multiple experiences with one gift, or combine gift vouchers for a premium experience.

Exciting & Flexible Corporate Gifts

This isn't any ordinary gift; it's a ticket to explore, relax, or seek a thrill — the choice is entirely theirs.

Gifting Owl corporate gifts are so flexible that we guarantee your staff and clients will be able to enjoy an experience of their choice, when and where in the world they want. As a gifting platform with thousands of global experiences and getaways, we offer an exciting alternative to the traditional hampers often given in the corporate gift world.

From hot air ballooning to vineyard tours or ATV adventures we really do have something for everyone. Leave a lasting impression with a Gifting Owl experience gift for your international employees.


Flexible Corporate Gifts for Global Teams

Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Employee Appreciation & Recognition

Gift-giving is another way can show appreciation for your team. It's not just about transactions; but about recognising and valuing each person's unique contribution. These gestures show how much the company values and appreciates their hard work.

Important gift-giving milestones include employee anniversaries, excellent performance, birthdays, company achievements and promotions.

By giving thoughtful employee appreciation gifts, you invest in a positive work environment, boosting company culture, engagement and loyalty.


Bulk Corporate Gift Cards for Employees

Meeting everyone's tastes and preferences, along with the logistics of sending bulk gifts to each employee, can be quite the challenge

With Gifting Owl you can say thanks and boost morale by offering world of exciting adventures. Let them pick their favourite experience or getaway with a gift voucher that can be used globally, ensuring a memorable holiday treat. Gifting Owl gift vouchers are flexible, valid for three years, and can be used for any experience or hotel stay on the website.

The best part of all? We'll step you through the process and deliver gifts to your team at the exact date and time you need them!



Bulk Corporate Gift Vouchers - Skydiving


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