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If you're looking for the ultimate graduation gift, look no further than a Gifting Owl experience gift certificate. Whether it's the start of a round-the-world trip or just a way to blow off some steam before starting a new chapter, a global activity voucher is the perfect way to discover a new city and easily book an exciting adventure!

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Celebrating Graduation: Find The Perfect Gift

Graduation is a big deal for the whole family whether it’s a parent, child, relation, or best friend who has reached that milestone event in their lives. You’re proud of what your gift recipient has achieved. The long nights of study and years of sacrifice have paid off and they now have the credentials to show for it. If there’s a reason to celebrate, this is one of the biggest!

Graduation is the closing of one door and the opening of many others. For most, it means the start of a new life, new career opportunities, a regular paycheque or maybe a pay rise. What a great way to add to the rewards with a gift that says, ‘you’ve earned it’. Reflecting that new start in life idea, Gifting Owl has lots of adventure choices that are all about the journey. Your gift recipient will love being on the discovery trail at home or abroad with experiences that take them to wonderful and wild places.

There are dozens of water-based experiences such as jet boat tours, river cruises, stand up paddle boarding and kayaking adventures. Kayaking tours happen in several destinations within Australia and across the globe from the azure waters of Thailand to the Jungles of Jamaica.

Each experience is unique to the environment so it’s never a case of been there and done that with kayaking because there are so many different experiences on offer. If your gift recipient likes their adventure a little more on the wild side but still on the water, white water rafting might be a better choice. This is a thrill a second adventure, testing the skills of the team as the craft thrashes downstream at a thunderous pace, tilting and bending as it makes its way through the rocky course. You could definitely term water-based adventures as the great escapes. Getting out on the water gives you a total sense of freedom. There’s nothing but you and the natural elements at play. The rhythm of the sea underfoot and a wide horizon stretched out before them, sparkling with the reflected glory of the sun and the moon, it’s an awesome experience. Sustainability is something that we think about these days and eco-tours are a guilt-free way for your graduate to celebrate in style.

Keeping with the water theme, with Gifting Owl you can search, find and book a wildlife experience that’s perfect for them to do either close to home or while they’re doing some well-earned post-graduation travel. Your giftee will never forget swimming alongside some of the most beautiful creatures of the sea. They can snorkel with seals, hand feed wild dolphins, spread their wings alongside a giant manta ray, swim with turtles, stingrays, sharks, whales or see them from the boat side. These are unforgettable encounters.

From the human perspective, they are fascinating and incredible connections that leave indelible impressions. There are day and multi-day eco tours that will take your gift recipient to remote places, they’d only ever dreamed about seeing. Learning traditional fishing techniques on a two-day reef and culture in the top end of Australia, bathing in the hot springs of an ancient crater at Antelope Canyon National Park in the USA, discovering the history of lost cities and pinnacles of Cappadocia in Belek, Turkey or having a John Snow moment on a Game of Thrones tour of Iceland. These are just examples of the adventures that ready for the taking.

Gifting the graduate a tour, that takes time and go deep rather than skim the surface of a place, is immensely enriching. They not only learn but make friends and lifelong connections along the way. Graduation gifts for daredevils that are young or young at heart will have them zipping over treetops in a fast descent from a hillside. Or scaling down the wall of a multi-story building in a terrifying vertical race to the ground. Abseiling and rock climbing are also not stop adventures from top to bottom. Perhaps adventures locally to where your graduate lives are the best idea. If they’re planning to get straight into a new role or opportunity, they may not have the time to stray too far from home. It’s easy to take adventures in your own backyard for granted. But adventure happens everywhere, you just have to look for it.

Gifting Owl has thousands of adventure experiences that would make the perfect graduation gift. If the graduate you have in mind is a foodie, you can’t miss with a food and drink gift, especially when it's their favourite cuisine or there’s the promise of something special on the menu. Food and drink is the most popular way to celebrate any occasion, especially when it’s shared with family and friends. Authentic cooking classes are fun too. Your graduate will learn new skills and enjoy the fruits of their labour as a rewarding finish to the day.

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